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Innovation Horizons

Innovation with purpose

Innovation and purpose

Innovation is about creating a new impact on society, through novel products, services, processes, or ways of working. 

Innovations are the outcome of dynamic change processes taking place at the interfaces between economics, technology and science. Innovations themselves are complex journeys. The purpose of Innovation Horizons is to support and enable leaders in navigating the complexities inherent in innovation processes.


Chartin the Course

Map your ecosystem (your ship and where are you), define your destination (where do you want to be) and chart the course (how to get there). 

For: CEOs, CTOs


Trusted external perspective

Increase the cognitive diversity of Accessing an independent sounding board, increasing awareness with but realistic perspectives  

Steering the Ship
(project management)

 Bespoke professional projects management  from ideation and business case definition to execution and completetion

For: Portfolio and Program Managers

Leaders leveraging adjacent opportunities, especially in open-innovation and public-private partnership settings


 Getting results in complex, open-innovation environments. Access experienced innovation project manager for external expert support

Developing your business 

Professional business development, identification and qualification of prospects, definition of value propositions and communications,  remote representation of your organization

For: Product Managers

Business development leaders of companies introducing innovative solutions in the market


 Expand access to business partners and competence networks

Areas of Knowledge


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