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Founder -  Managing Director

Giovanni has been enabling collaborative innovation over the past twenty years.  He has track record of setting up and managing collaborative initiatives and projects across industries including digital health, flexible solar energy and printed electronics.

Keen to foster transformative innovation, he is part of the EIT Health mentor program, and serves as Independent Expert for the EU commission. He also teaches and tutors students of Advanced Master in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Management program of the Grenoble École of Management in Paris.

Giovanni holds a PD in physics from Strasbourg University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMI). He co-authored patents and scientific publications in multiple areas including medical devices, flexible optoelectronics and nano-materials (list here).

He is passioned by the role that citizen-patient can play in innovation as well as open-source movements. He volunteers as trustee for FH Europe and the Health Hacking Lab association, of which he is a co-founder.


"It was a privilege to have Giovanni on board for the DayOne Health Hack. From the outset his work was crucial in conceptualizing, refining and finally running what would become one of the first truly patient-centred hackathons in the world. Reengineering the health-innovation process, working together with a multistakeholder consortium and coping with the overwhelming situation caused by the pandemic felt a lot like herding cats — but we made it happen, thanks to the relentlessly positive attitude of everybody involved, especially Giovanni. He never missed pinpointing crucial and time-critical issues, while always maintaining an agile mindset to move forward. I am eagerly anticipating the next big collaboration with Giovanni."

Thomas Brenzikofer, Initiator and former Project Lead of DayOne Health Hack   - Managing Partner of Swiss Made Software.

"Giovanni helped me reimagine how to drive impactful innovation across multi-stakeholder collaborations. During the DayOne Health Hack, his passion for supporting people who are patients and placing their voices as equal partners and leaders went a long way toward the project's success. His guidance and expert knowledge in the digital health space brought value to all times. I can't recommend him enough and always leave his company richer than when I arrived."


Steve Bourke - Founder / Personal Pulse.

"I had the privilege to collaborate with Giovanni while I was coordinating a large-scale EU-funded research project in organic electronics. This was my first time leading an international collaborative project, involving tens of people representing different nations and working cultures. In this situation, it was natural for me to get support from the more experienced people in the project. Giovanni, who had already been in a similar role before, was one of the most important sources of support for me during the project. He was always willing to share with me his experience, which helped me greatly, when new challenges kept on coming around every corner. What I regarded unique about Giovanni, was his courage in not avoiding difficult topics, which are always there for challenging international collaboration with multiple conflicting agendas. This helped many times to identify and eventually solve confusion and misunderstandings, which would not have disappeared by burying them. His leadership and collaborative skills were accompanied by his solid knowledge of the field and understanding of commercial/business aspects. In the end, Giovanni was in a key position to turn the challenges of the project into a successful finish. I will always be grateful to him for his passionate and active way of supporting me and the rest of the project team. I can therefore sincerely recommend Giovanni for leadership, supporting, or consulting roles in international R&D activities."   


Kimmo Solehmainen - Development Manager/ Koupio Health.

"I had the opportunity to work with Giovanni as a member of the Working Group Encapsulation of the Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A), created and managed by Giovanni, and within the SUNFLOWER Project which was managed under his leadership. I can testify his valuable skills in Project Management, Team Management, Leadership, Communication, Research & Development and Business Development. Even more, Giovanni is a friendly professional so it is always nice to spend some time with him talking about opportunities in the field of Technology and how to catch some of them."

Roberto  Giannantonio -Living Lab Manager, CNR Research Fellow.

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